One of the hottest categories in baked foods, flatbreads date back hundreds of years. New innovations in processing allow product variation and processing flexibility like never before.

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How to get ready for FSMA

- Food safety regulations are changing. Is your plant ready?

A cultural phenomenon

- With a burgeoning number of diverse ethnic baked goods, US consumers can experience a world of international cuisine without leaving their hometowns.

The best for today and beyond

- Papa Pita’s new $50 million bakery comes with all the bells and whistles to create affordable, healthful new products.

Gifco revs up flatbread production

- Gifco invests in automation to produce a wide variety of hand-stretched specialty and mainstream flatbreads.

Flatbreads stretch the bread category

- As loaf bread sales decline, tortillas and flatbreads hope to become the greatest thing since sliced bread.