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U.S. Midwest cool temperatures slow crop stress

8/21/2017 - Recent broad-based cooling has changed the mindset of many traders.

Grain industry seeks solution to CSX service problems

8/17/2017 - S.T.B. institutes weekly calls with railroad.

Analysts discuss approaches to covering flour in 2017-18

8/17/2017 - Market analysts discuss decisions facing bakers in how best to approach covering their flour needs in a trying crop year.

Vanilla market sees a little better news

8/15/2017 - The 2017 Madagascar crop will be small, but a cyclone did not damage the crop as badly as first suspected.

U.S. corn outturn down 7%, soybeans up 2% from 2016

8/10/2017 - U.S.D.A. sees other spring wheat down 5% from July, down 25% from 2016.