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Enzymes beyond amylase
Enzymes enable clean-label formulating strategies, but there’s much more to their advantages in baked foods.
Packaging: A case in point
The latest generation of bulk and case packers addresses myriad issues, including labor, sustainability and even employee safety.
Damage control in dough handling
Bakers automating gluten-free and artisan bread lines must incorporate gentle dough handling equipment to maintain integrity from mixer to oven.
Double dipping in chocolate formulations
Chocolate ingredients take bakery and snack products to the next level on both the indulgence and nutrition scales.
What's new in food
Cookie dough Oreos, energy cereal, and cinnamon coffee snack cakes among new launches.
What's new in food
Protein-packed cereals, spicy chips and gluten-free bread hit the market.
Piecing together the pasta puzzle
Pasta companies change hands and trade business.
Frying for quality
Choosing the right fryer can help bakers handle premium ingredients, optimize product quality, ensure energy efficiency and raise sustainability.
What's new in food
Protein-packed cereals, spicy chips and gluten-free bread hit the market.
Food service news in 2013
Trends in health and snacking emerged in restaurant and retail moves during the year.
Top business stories in 2013
Hostess Brands and Bimbo Bakeries USA topped the year's list of headline-makers in the baking industry.
Regulatory news in 2013
The Food and Drug Administration took a closer look at gluten-free, trans fat and acrylamide during the year.
What's new in food
Companies inspired by trends in gluten-free, new spins on uses for chocolate.
Spotted at IBIE 2013
More than 21,000 attendees from 100 countries and from every segment of the grain-based foods industry took part in the International Baking Industry Exposition Oct. 6-9 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Over the four days of the show, baking professionals explored half a million square feet of exhibition space.
IBIE 2013 kicks off
Connecting more than 20,000 baking professionals from every segment of the grain-based market, the 2013 International Baking Industry Exposition kicked off Oct. 6 in Las Vegas.